PVC Membrane Foil

Elif Kagitcilik San ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti has been supplying raw materials to the furniture and door sector since 1998. Our journey starting with finish foil and decor paper leaves the place to PVC membrane foil.

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Pvc Membrane Foil Turkey

Our brand mark Anka Dekor is developing the sector by continuously innovating in the field of pvc foil and developing itself constantly. Our most popular and most comprehensive product that we supply is PVC Membrane Foil. We offer PVC edge bands and membrane adhesives sales services that are in line with the colors and designs of our PVC foil. Our the newest product PVC Membrane Silicone sheets are in stock always.


New markets are added to the main usage areas of PVC foil and demand for PVC folio is increasing. doors, covers, interior and exterior spaces, window profiles, paneling and furniture.

Pvc foil

Pvc foil

Contrary to what you might think, PVC foil coatings which do not contain any risks for health increase, with the anti-bacterial, easy cleaning ability and long time deformation with increasing the demands in the sector and it is the consumer's preference.

All of our pvc folio which is originated from South Korea is produced by using 1st grade raw material and workmanship and supplied to our customers in continuous control. PVC membrane folio with unlimited color and design options can be produced in desired designs and colors according to special orders.

Our PVC folio has 0.20 mm thickness, 1420 mm width and 250 mt. In length, this standard is included in our stocks. If desired, our company can cut and load in the desired dimensions in the slitting machine located in our warehouse.

Although the application machines vary according to the application areas, PVC film is adhered to the MDF with high temperature by vacuum presses, profile wrapping machines and membrane presses during the production of membrane folio.

Anka Dekor, which directs the sector as door pvc foil coating, popularized the colors and designs of popularity and accepted them as indispensable pvc foil designs of all of Turkey. These designs which are popular in the door sector are carefully selected and applied by our firm.

PVC foil, pvc edgebands, glue and pvc membrane silicone are in our stocks constantly, which relieves us against our large clients and gives the manufacturer confidence. We are trying to bring our customers in the market one step ahead by offering a unique pattern and color option for only one company when requested for our PVC folio.

Details; www.ankapvcfilm.com

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